Yoga + Mindfulness in your space

All offerings are uniquely created to meet the specific needs of your event, whether it be for youth or adults, offerings can be adjusted + tweaked to meet your expectations. Here is an overview of the types of programming we currently offer, but please reach out if you have something else in mind.

Before + After School Programming

8-Week Series, 1-Hour Sessions

Allow your students the opportunity to fuel for their upcoming day of learning, or unwind after their day + allow for some movement + mindfulness to ground + center their minds + bodies.


lunch- hour programming

8-Week Series, 1-Hour Sessions

Students have the opportunity to breathe, refuel + bring some mindful movement to their busy learning day, allowing for some much needed grounding + refocusing to occur to help them with the rest of their day.


In-Classroom Programming

20 - 60 Minute Programming (in conjunction with other classrooms)

A classroom is like a small community in itself + what better way to allow your students a little time to connect with one another, than to allow them to explore through mindful movement + yoga? Students will have the opportunity to breathe, stretch, move + ground, to help cultivate respect for themselves, each other + your school community.


Team-Building Programming

4-Week Series, or As Needed, 1-Hour Sessions

Allow your athletes the opportunity to ground + reconnect with themselves + each other, through mindful movement + partner yoga. There can be a lot of stress that comes from playing sports, not only on the body, but on the mind as well. Yoga can be an amazing release + time to allow your athletes to reflect, renew + refuel themselves before the big game.


Family Yoga Sessions - private or for School Events

1-Hour Sessions

Yoga is such a beautiful practice for the individual, but you can experience the same benefits + more, when practicing with your family. Showing your child that you are capable of supporting them, as you give-and-take through partner poses, or helping them take on challenges whole-heartedly on their own (a balance pose, or back-bend that you may not even be able to do yourself) allows for the opportunity to connect with each other + to strengthen that beautiful bond between a child + parent or guardian, bringing you closer + gaining a more humble, honest relationship with your child.


Yoga Birthday Celebration

1 - 2-Hour Sessions

Allow your child + their friends the opportunity to dance, play + see the fun that is yoga! Yoga is about the connections that we make with ourselves + one another during practice, and doing this in celebration of your child can be such an amazing opportunity! As a guideline, the session will consist of a warm-up, some traditional yoga asana (posture/pose) + breath work, partner poses to connect with one another, yoga games + stories, + relaxation to finish - all in celebration of your child’s beautiful life thus far! Parties can be themed to fit your child’s interests, or choose from one of ours: jungle jamboree, meditation + me, all around the world, under the sea, nature adventures, transportation, on the farm, goddess girls, + many more! mindful crafts can be an option as well!


Relax & Renew

1-Hour Sessions

Whether you need a night in with the girls (or guys!), your team needs some downtime after a big competition, or your work team has just gotten through a particularly trying time in the year, allow for the opportunity to relax + renew through a restorative practice. We all need downtime to unwind+ reflect + a restorative yoga practice can allow for your body to move from a stressed state to a blissed state, getting the most out of that little bit of downtime you do have.