i think we can all agree that being a teen in the present day isn’t the easiest thing to go through.
growing up in a society that is always plugged in, the need to be “on” all the time is very real.
the pressure to fit in, the outcome of your future academic career, and the constant rush from one activity to the next,
it’s exhausting.
there’s no shame in hard work, but we don’t seem to be teaching balance anymore.
our teen classes are designed to empower teens to find that balance. when they’re feeling depleted, they’ll have the tools to notice that in their body + mind, and make the choice necessary to bring themselves back to equilibrium. we learn to support + respect one another through discussion + exploring the practices of yoga + meditation.
we move, we breathe, we rest.

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monthly self-love circles / various locations

we are currently on hiatus for the summer, but excited to come back in the fall with new + exciting offerings - stay tuned!

intended for youth aged 13+
an evening of yoga, reflection, and creativity - a time to explore, dig deep, and find connection.

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team sessions

we offer team sessions to not only bring the necessary flexibility required for a given sport, but to promote team community, and to give players the opportunity to learn meditation, visualization, and grounding techniques to help with performance.

we’ve worked with teams in the realms of soccer, gymnastics, dance, figure skating, and basketball, but are always looking to expand our breadth. send us a message to inquire for your team.



we offer a variety of workshops to encourage positive self-image, body love, journaling, community building, etc. throughout the year at a variety of sites. if you’d like to bring our offerings into your space, send us a message.