I need your input!

As I sit here, cozy from this lovely Canadian winter weather we’ve been getting, I am working through my schedule, trying to piece it all together, and going a little crazy to be honest, haha. I try my best to provide the best timing options to clients, the best experience, the best value, etc., but sometimes I don’t even know where to start!

Where should we host Family Yoga next?
What time would work best for Teen Yoga workshops?
Is a space with stairs going to be a deterrent for new Mamas?
Is parking convenient at this location?
Can I properly market for this event in collaboration with this space, or is this going to be a solo job?

And then it occurred to me - JUST ASK.
It’s not easy for me to ask for help - as is for every person known to man it seems?

But wouldn’t this make things just a little easier on me when it comes to scheduling?
I think so.
Wouldn’t this make sure that the bulk of my offerings are at convenient locations, times, and values for my clients?
Most definitely.

So I’m putting the questions out to you Newmarket, Aurora, York Region in general - what would you like to see next?
More Family Yoga? When? Where?
Teen Yoga offerings? Where? What’s the best time for your son or daughter?
Prenatal or Postnatal Yoga? Newmarket work for you? What times are convenient for you?
Would Fertility Support Yoga be of interest to you, for you and your partner perhaps?
Do you need mindful Summer Camp options for your little yogi?
I know I’ve had clients ask about Parent & Toddler Yoga - who’s in?
Would your child’s school benefit from some In-School Yoga Programming?
Does your child play on a team that could use some Team-Building Yoga?
Do you want to bring Yoga into your workplace?

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what runs through my mind, so please fill it with more if you’d like - I’d be so grateful to hear from you! Can you comment on this post, send me a quick email or private message to let me know your thoughts? Or even write a Facebook or Google Review so I know what you’ve liked, and I can continue to improve on those offerings?

Your help would be very much appreciated, and would make this busy yogis life just a little less busy!
Thank you for your love, your support, your patience as we grow this thing - I’m looking forward to launching a few new offerings come March, as well as some exciting news in the new school year (yes, already looking that far ahead!)

With love, love, and more LOVE,
- Sara Mercer