Fertility Support Yoga

I’ve had a few people reach out since my post the other day asking about Fertility Support Yoga, and I wanted to share my thoughts with the greater population on it! 

I have to admit, it took me a while to create a name I was comfortable with for this class, because there’s a lot of “Fertility Yoga,” or “Yoga for Fertility” out there, and I’m not about to say that I truly think that there are any set of asana (poses) that can increase your chances of fertility (and if there are, that’s out of my scope!) So needless to say, the name of the class has an intention behind it, just as much as the class itself. 

the intention

My intention behind the class is to introduce tools of mindful movement, relaxation, and meditation, for you to find which ones help to reduce stress, and move you into your parasympathetic nervous system (our “rest and digest” mode) We live in a society that is constantly bombarding our sensory systems - screens everywhere, noise everywhere, things to do, people to see, places to be. It can get quite exhausting when you constantly feel the need to be on or to be busy. So here’s an hour a week to turn off those sensory inputs, to plug in to this amazing vessel we call our body, and to start to explore what brings it into a calm state. A combination of noticing the senses, while being in a low sensory space, so we can truly pick up on what we notice. That’s the idea behind this class.

who is this class for?

I mean, the name of the class does speak to who we are hoping to draw in for class. It’s a way to build a community around the idea of fertility, that is supportive and inclusive, but that’s not to say that this class would only benefit those on the journey towards pregnancy - far from it! These tools I hope to share are to help benefit your overall health and wellness. I really hope that they’re simple enough to use when you’re stressed at work, when you’re driving in rush hour traffic, when it’s just “one of those days.” Simple enough to teach a loved one having a hard time, or a way to connect with friends and family.

I encourage partners to come and participate in class as well, because, like I said earlier, this class isn’t about the end goal of pregnancy. It’s about learning ways to encourage peace, resiliency, and self-awareness into your life. Partners can benefit from these strategies just as much as you, because everyone can benefit from this kind of self-work.  

what to expect

All props are provided in a warm, gently lit space, simply bring yourself and any others supporting you on this journey who would benefit!

Think slow, molasses type movements, to help bring awareness to the body and mind, while breath flows like the tide - simply flows in and out.  Revel in moments of pause, noticing, and relaxing. Allow yourself to be supported by the earth, the props, and your breath.

If we had to put a name to the “style” of yoga, it’s like if yin and restorative got together to create just enough release and just enough relaxation - because there is a difference. Release is that moment of sinking in, letting go of the muscles and the “holding it together” that we so often feel we have to do; while relaxation is the sinking in of comfort and contentment, the true art of letting go.

sound like your jam? 

Know that we have a limited number of spaces available, so signing up for class ahead of time will be necessary - sorry, I promise that’s the only pressure we’ll have for this class though! ;) We’ll be working on a bit of an odd schedule for the time being to accommodate some prior commitments I have, so classes will run most Mondays of each month, from 7:30-8:30pm. Like our Yoga Sundays series happening at Newmarket Naturopathic & Integrative Health Clinic (NNIHC), each month you will have the option to sign up for a series of classes (monthly series pass / msp) or single classes (drop-in / di) For the month of March, here’s what that looks like:

msp: $45+hst  (that’s 3 classes for the month, at $15 per class)

di: $20+hst 

Classes will begin on Monday, March 4th, and run for 3 weeks until March 18th. At that point, we skip a week, and would move into an April schedule. To sign up, simply use the app below:  

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out!
Love & Gratitude,