the sounds of yoga

the breath.

the movement of blocks.

the unraveling of a yoga strap.

the grounding of a foot on a mat.

the light lift of toes leaving the mat.

the tiny moments of silence.

a yoga class is full of so many sounds if you just take a moment to notice.

I've been trying to notice the sounds around me in the space as I practice lately.  it can be a beautiful internal practice, listening to your own breath, your own body, your own mind.  but I've been hung up on the idea of community + support so much lately, that I'm starting to notice what's off my mat during class.  it's a beautiful feeling to hear the support of another's breath, when you're struggling in your own practice.  to actually hear the strength in the room.  to hear the focus + concentration, it puts me in awe.  with the rise of technology + the ease of busying ourselves in absolutely anything but the present moment, it's no wonder that we don't rely on others or even notice others as much as we once did.  so I challenge you to close your eyes + notice next time you're on your mat.

notice the incredibly humbling sound of the others breathing in the room.

notice the silent connections being made throughout the room.

notice the sounds of gentle movement, and appreciate that. 

it may not be the absolute silence that you think you need or deserve.  it's much better than that.  it's the reassurance that you are supported + held.  you are not alone.  think about when we are in our mother's womb - we hear her internal workings, we hear the outside world + it must be comforting to know that even without seeing these things, that we are supported, held + loved.  I've always been a big believer in the power of music + don't we all just make beautiful music with our ordinary, everyday comings + goings?  the sounds of your loved one's voice.  the sound of the door opening + your dog running to greet whoever is there.  the sound of a the kettle boiling.  the sound of snow crunching beneath your feet.  I could go on all day.

there is so much to be grateful for, that we can find simply through sound.  And though I've been focusing more on the sounds I find when I'm on my mat, I'm going to start to appreciate the sounds off my mat, in my world as well. 

here's hoping you're having an incredibly wonderful day full of loving sounds,
with peace + love,