So I said I'd start blogging...

...And look how far I went with that! Haha.

Things have been very busy since deciding to take on this yogic journey to share this amazing practice with others, and I wouldn't have it any other way! Though I'd love to be able to market Calmunity and blog a little more, the time for all of that will come, I do believe.

Since I last wrote, I've taken on approximately 23 classes, that I'm always changing and adding to - which may not seem like a lot for those of you coming from a 9-5 job, but it sure seems like more than a 40-hour work week! Not only does the practice vary, but the space varies, the students vary in age, capabilities, and what they are looking for from the class, heck I even vary from day-to-day! But, I LOVE IT! I don't think I've been able to connect with as many "strangers" so authentically in my whole entire life! I'm not one to strike up a conversation in the cash out line at the grocery store, or to make conversation on public transit, I'm more of an introvert that way. Yoga has opened me up to the possibilities of guiding others, finding ways to help others, but more importantly the journey of learning from others.

Each day is a whole different ball game, and I thought it was the kids I used to teach preschool to that made my days that way, but it was me all along! I am an ever-changing, ever-learning, ever-stumbling being, and I LOVE THAT! I can accept that, and I'm hoping to show others that they can accept that of themselves as well. I thought that my main focus would be on Kids, Youth and Family Yoga, but in this present moment, not even a quarter of my classes are catered to this audience, and that's okay! It doesn't matter your age, your capabilities, your name or where you're from, yoga will always be yoga. It will always be you on your mat, bringing that beautiful body that is capable of so many amazing things with you! I strive to teach all of my classes from the same space that I come from: happiness, compassion, kindness, love and peace - not only for others, but for YOU! I tell all of my classes to be grateful, thankful at the end of class because you came to practice, and you did something for YOU! Isn't that beautiful? In a society that frowns upon taking time for ourselves because we should be taking that time for others, giving all of our energy into our loved ones, family, friends, complete strangers - isn't it beautiful that you can take some time to put yourself first? And that you can thank yourself for that? That it's in no way selfish that you take that time for you, because you need that, your body actually craves that. It doesn't have to be a yoga class you take time in, I often suggest that taking moments of breath are the real moments we need, just breathing in and breathing out - we all know that our body needs that. So breath however and in whatever space will bring you happiness, compassion, kindness, love and peace for yourself.

Now I will plug in this slight advertisement of myself, because I can talk about self-care and self-love all day, but if I can't share that with others, then I may have to find another avenue to do so - and I really would rather not, because I am loving this so, so much! So, if you would like to join me on your mats, I would be more than happy to guide and learn with you in any capacity. Please take a look at my "Weekly Classes" tab under Offerings to see when you or someone you know can come share in the practice. I am currently teaching most classes at LFIT Ladies Fitness Gym at Leslie & Ringwell, drop-in classes are $15, and I'd love to see some new faces, so bring your friends! Also, please help by making suggestions on how I can better promote Calmunity, and feedback from my classes - I'd love to chat and pick your brain, so send me a message and we can get the conversation started!

Thank you for allowing me a small little rant today, it seems I needed it!
Peace, love love LOVE and light to all of your amazing beings, as always, thank you for your support!

Sara Mercer