calmunity is

a local mobile company specializing in yoga, mindfulness + meditation for all.  our offerings are all about building and creating “calmunity,”
within yourself, and with others.
We want you to feel that you can show up, and be shown up for.
that you can hold space, and have space held.
that you can be authentically you, in the authenticity of others.
building calm + unity in our community.

taught to

infants, toddlers + preschoolers
school age from K-12
adults, kids-at-heart + otherwise, all students of life

taught by

Sara Mercer
OCT + RYT-500 +  Rainbow Kids yoga + pre/postnatal instructor + mentor
offerings include: Hatha / restorative / kids / teen / family / special needs / pre- & post-natal

(here is my super long bio, that I’m also super proud to share with you!)

”Yoga hasn’t always been my passion. There were a lot of other things before I found my true calling. I was always drawn to the community of things. I played sports. I enjoyed volunteering. I was always found on the go, always moving; it was hard to find me still at any time. When I injured my knee and was forced to slow down, I decided to give yoga (another) try. It’d been a few years of dabbling, but I finally started realizing that you could still find community, support, love - not only with others in a yoga setting, but with yourself also. 

It took me a long time to realize the chameleon that I’d become. I didn’t really know what I wanted (in a lot of ways, that hasn’t changed, haha) and often i would just float around interacting on such a surface level, just doing and saying what I thought was expected of me. People pleaser at it’s finest. Once I started to practice, and listen to that authentic voice inside of myself, I knew that others needed to feel this too. And not just adults, but children too, and people of all abilities. We all plug ourselves in. We are constantly told what to do, where to be, how to think, and who to be. When we give ourselves just a moment even, to tap into our authentic selves, we can start to make decisions for our physical, mental, and emotional well-being in a conscious way. 

In a lot of ways, teaching yoga isn’t only for my students - I need these lessons too. I still struggle with over-working myself. I still struggle with the approval of others. I still struggle to find my peace. My intention behind building Calmunity Yoga is to help others to find their community - in others and themselves. To show up authentically, unapologetically as themselves. We all need space to reflect, notice, and just be. I share the practice with little beings fresh into this world, as well as old souls that have been around the sun a few times. It doesn’t matter what age you are, what your physical or mental abilities are, there is at least a piece of this practice that is for YOU. Allow yourself to play, explore, and experience just being.”

- sara mercer, founder + lead instructor

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